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In Memoriam

This will be the last post on this site and it’s all about Dad’s funeral.  I want to thank everyone for attending and helping make it a beautiful service.  Buckie, thanks for speaking, and Suzie thanks for singing.  I have been asked to post the text of what I said and will do so below. [...]

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For the medical professionals in the family…

I have been asked to make available the medical reports handed to us up to this point.  The three PDFs I am including were handed to us on the 3rd of July.  Most of this will be jargon for the majority out there so only download if needed. Download:

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Status Update

Here is where we are.  After weeks of back and forth between the V.A. in Alexandria and local G.P.s we are at back at M.D. Anderson in Houston after many years of being cancer free.  The diagnosis is stage IV Lung Cancer with bone metastases in various parts of the skeletal system (fig. 1). The [...]

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