Can’t Win ‘Em All

Aug 05 2010

Today was one of those “one step back” days.  Dad failed every aspect of his swallowing test.  We viewed the x-ray video showing him aspirate on everything he drank even using all the techniques used to prevent it.  It is now all of certain that his recent pneumonia was caused by fluid from eating and drinking making it into his lungs.  This means he is no longer allowed to eat orally and will need a feeding tube reinserted for the next months.  We will be headed back tomorrow to either get a temporary nasal tube placed until Monday when he’s scheduled for a gastric tube to be surgically inserted  into his abdomen or just do the Monday procedure tomorrow.  Either way he sees this has a huge setback and needs any and all support from friends and family.  I’m just happy to know he’ll be getting the nutrition he needs for the fight ahead.

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  1. Hang in there Herman! You need your nutrition any way you can get it! As we all know, things may change for the better again soon and you can NOT let this latest problem get you down. I know your life seems to be on a roller coaster ride at the moment, but God is with you and HE will sustain you. We will keep praying for good days and healing. You are loved by so many, so please keep up the fight, we need you back home.
    With Love,
    Greg and Bev

  2. Herman,
    We’re sorry, as I know you are, to hear of your recent setback but THE GOD THAT’S GIVEN YOU BETTER DAYS CAN CERTAINLY DO IT AGAIN!!! We’ll keep praying and God will keep working. We love you and your entire family and we’re constantly lifting you all up in prayer. We’re looking forward to a more positive report soon. Kenneth

  3. How is my favorite Uncle doing???? Give him a kiss for me!